Doug Brooks

Even Further Rail is Dead! - Long Live Even Further Rail!!

After Fotopic failed to reply my technical queries (Jan 2011), I stopped updating my site. In March 2011, their servers were switched off and thousands of photographers lost their websites. I started a new site (evenfurtherrail.co.uk) on One.Com, but they were about as user friendly as a dead fish. I am trying again (evenfurtherrail.com) on SmugMug and will be re-creating my old pages and adding new ones as soon as I can.

About This site »

The site was first created to as an easy way to show friends and family photos of my trips to Burma, Java, China, ect (not very successful). Then I was asked to do a report of my extended stay in Paraguay looking for the Chaco War Railway, which I did after I left Bernd Seiler's Farrail Tour to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. So, I re-named it Even Further Rail and as most of the pics on this site will taken on trips immediately before, after and even during his excellent tours.

This is very much a work in progress. I hope in time to add collections of trips to China, Burma, Thailand, Mongolia, Syria & Jordan, Serbia and Bosnia, when time permits, but it often doesn't.

I have also travelled extensively around the former USSR and Cuba, but before digital SLR's had been invented. Even now that I have one, I still work mainly with b&w negatives. Digital is still just for snaps for me and many of the pics here will be "before" or "after" record shots, so composition may not be that great. Most of the shots were taken using a Nikon D200 with a Nikon 18-200 VR Zoom lens.

I hope this site will give you a flavor of where I have been.

Doug Brooks - July 2011